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July 2015

Why wait for failure when you can proceed straight to success


What is important when choosing an agency? Can you rely on your PSL to deliver? Over the past few years, we have noticed that more and more companies are struggling to fill niche vacancies through their PSL’s
PSL’s are a fantastic way if streamlining the recruitment process and they help eliminate those unwanted ‘cold calls’, but are the agencies selected, selected for the right reasons?

OK, so you have selected a large UK wide recruitment business to manage your recruitment process, they have an enormous database (probably too big to manage), fancy marketing and a corporate feel, however, the candidate(s) that you need are not on their database, or attracted by fancy marketing, nor are they even looking for a role!

How much does your PSL want to fill your position? They more than likely have another 15+ vacancies that they are working on, 15 vacancies that they can fill and will take priority over your niche SAP position. What happens to your needs then?

We have partnered with a multitude of companies to work alongside PSL’s as the Niche PSL Partner of choice. We don’t prioritise positions unless you do! So stop waiting for your general IT partners to chance delivery and get in touch with the people who do this for fun!!

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