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July 2015

Opal Tree Solutions – The new kid on the block


Who are you and why did you set up Opal Tree Solutions
Steve Hudson MD of Opal Tree Solutions. We are an SAP recruitment company who supply hard to find specialist resource into a large number of SME and Blue-chip companies across the UK. I set up Opal Tree Solutions in 2014 on the back of a number of successful years as an SAP recruitment consultant. I could see a gap in the market where client feedback was directing me to the factor that they were not getting the level of specialist service required to make accurate recommendations and consult on their SAP recruitment plans. Opal Tree Solutions are able to do this and apply a consultative approach to each of our customers.

How have you found your first year in business?
2014 has been the most enjoyable year of my career for a number of reasons. One of which being the flexibility to be able to recruit in the way that benefits our clients in the first instance, rather than being governed by unrealistic requests that larger businesses demand and in turn can be detrimental to candidate and client service delivery. The main challenge that I have faced during my first year in business has been becoming a recognised and trusted agency amongst the 1000’s of existing agencies already operating in the UK. We had an extremely strong year and have grown the company by 400% from January 2014 through to June 2015.

What makes you better than your competition?
That’s a tough question as reality is we all have access to the same talent pools and recruitment tools. Ethics is a huge thing to us and also to our customers. Setting expectations correctly is important and building strong relationships really helps. We don’t gain business for the sake of having multiple clients to satisfy (KPI Focussed approach); we offer our services to the clients that we can deliver to the most efficiently. As we only work in the SAP market, this also allows us to offer a tailored service and means that we understand requirements and talk to our clients on the same level, and in some cases we make our clients aware that what they are looking to achieve is not manageable. This can only be done confidently through experience within the market in which recruit.

What do you think is the biggest challenge to SAP customers when they are looking to recruit?
The main challenge is the shortage of talent in some areas; we have spoken with 100’s of clients who have had open job vacancies across SAP for weeks and months. We can help counteract this as where most companies will start their recruitment project from when they get the go-ahead from the client, in a lot of cases, we already know the best candidates in their area and can advise on resource availability immediately, as well as being able to set a time-scale for delivery.

Why should companies choose Opal Tree Solutions for their SAP Recruitment?
If a company has struggled in the past or is planning to make hires I would strongly recommend any company to get in touch and have a discussion with myself or the team. We partner with our clients to make sure they receive the level of service that is required when you are recruiting in a market where skills are both short or in demand. It is important to work with a business that you can both trust and rely on.

Wouldn’t a client be better off choosing a larger more established agency for their recruitment?
This is a good point and from the outset you’d think this would be the case. The majority of larger agencies will recruit across IT as a whole and SAP may make up a small percentage of what they can offer. We live and breathe SAP recruitment. A huge amount of hours and dedication every day is put into SAP recruitment from myself and the team. For a market that is so specialist, I strongly believe that a clients recruitment partner needs to be too.

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