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November 2016

Never reply to a recruiter’s email ‘life is good as it is’


The day is Tuesday, you look at the clock and the oh-so familiar iPhone alarm lets you know it’s time to get out of bed. You’re so used to this routine, you may as well be a Robot.

You open the blind’s (or maybe not) and walk slowly to the bathroom, grumbling “morning” to your loved one. The cat is at the bottom of the stairs; he is hungry and also knows it is that time again where you leave for most of the day. “I wish I was a cat” (you whisper quietly).

Once you’re showered, dressed, had a quick espresso, slice of limp toast, fed the cat, locked the front door and got into your car (which you managed to do all within 17.5 minutes), it is time to head to the office.

Whilst staring at other drivers who are enduring the slow moving traffic, the radio is on and no matter what station you choose, it is mainly just DJ’s talking about themselves. You don’t bother playing a CD as you’ve now heard the one in your player over 200 times. A quick thought about what day it is, leads to wondering why the week is going so slow and you start to think about plans for the evening once work is over (even though you won’t commit to them).

You realise that most of the people you see on your commute are all angry, miserable, poker-faced and seem to be in the biggest rush ever. You then think about yourself, you’re pretty much the same, living in a rat race, controlled by media, mobile communication devices, and the stress of wondering when you can actually retire.

“What is this life” you ask yourself. After parking your car and checking yourself in the reflection of the rear passenger window (whilst having a look around to ensure nobody is watching you), you walk towards your office hoping the morning goes quickly. “Good morning”, the reply is a standard “morning mate, nice weekend”, “yeah was okay, just not long enough” laughter ensues, only for a moment though (as it wasn’t that funny and is exactly the same every Monday). Upon arrival at your desk, the jacket is hung on the back of your chair and it’s like you never left on Friday.

Lunch comes; you treat yourself to a posh sandwich, one that comes in a paper type package as opposed to a plastic one that is harder to open. The excitement of caramelised onion and salt beef lasts for around 2.5 minutes, and then you decide to just log back onto your system as the time will go quicker.

A recruiter calls you, he is from Opal Tree Solutions, ‘you always get calls from agencies, so you ignore the call’. He then emails you, you are tempted to reply, but you still don’t….

Want to know what happens next??

If this resembles you in anyway and you too have an email in your inbox from one of the Opal Tree Solutions team, please get back in touch. We can brighten up your work days by offering you the chance to apply for some of the best project based SAP opportunities in the UK!

0161 214 3849

Blog written by Steve Hudson of Opal Tree Solutions.

Steve Hudson – LinkedIn


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