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July 2015

Keep us for a rainy day!


What do you expect to happen in life? Sometimes you just don’t know what is round the corner. It is always wise to have a back-up/alternative option for all potential outcomes that could leave you stuck!

We speak with so many people who ask for us to remove their details and never be contacted, usually for the reasons that they are either, not looking for a new role, or not looking to hire and never use agencies for their recruitment.

Of course the recruitment market is heavily populated and calls and emails etc can become annoying, especially when they happen a dozen times per week, so I fully appreciate that contact made can be easily brushed off without a second thought!

For those of us that drive, we have a warning light to let us know that our car is going to run out of fuel. As most of the journeys we do are repeat routes, we know where to stop to refuel, and that’s a very minimal worry for any of us to consider even slightly, as we know that the garage is there and will always have what we need!

When your warning light goes off in work, and someone leaves, a new project kicks off, or if you lose your job, what route are you on? Are you confident what to do and who to call? As mentioned, with such a heavily populated market and multiple choice of agencies, if that time comes and one is needed, how can you be sure you will find the one that fits your needs best, before your tank hits empty?

I keep a brolly in my boot, a spare wheel in my car, I insure my mobile phone and I even keep a spare milk in the freezer! What do you have covered if you need an SAP recruiter? At Opal Tree Solutions, the majority of placements that we make are through our existing network, and most of which weren’t looking for a role when we were first introduced.

A large number of our vacancies are unplanned by our clients.

SAP candidates are not easy to source, general IT agencies will tell you the same! Why not use Opal Tree Solutions as your rainy day agency! If it’s SAP you run, then let us keep it running!

Written by Steve Hudson

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