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January 2017

6 Signs that it could be time to look for a new career opportunity.

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6 Signs that it could be time to look for a new career opportunity.

If you are career driven, sitting still in a repetitive job role that is not going anywhere, but, it may pay well, be close to home and have a good team… What to do in this situation can be hard. You may have to be selfish and think about the future.
Lists of priorities are different to everyone, if your career is at the top of the list then how can you maximise opportunity?

The first place to look is in your current work place, a few questions need to be asked.

• Are they open to change and new ideas?
• Do they trust you to make changes and own them?
• Is there room to progress upwards (and how long will this take)?
• When was your last salary increase?
• How much influence do you have on your peers and leadership team?
• Is it actually you that is stopping progression and not the company/management?

If you have made a proper assessment of your current options, you may find that you can progress yourself without moving jobs, a change can be nice, but is it really necessary? Now could be the time to speak to your manager about progression rather than looking elsewhere. You could be surprised with the outcome! Communication is key, and unless your employer knows your ambitions, it is up to you to drive this and set goals to reach them.

Should your career assessment have the following outcome, then it could be the time to start looking at the market.

1. Your employer is not open to new (better) ideas
2. You are not trusted to make changes and implement new processes
3. You have nowhere to be promoted into
4. You have been on the same salary for 3 years yet have improved input/ouput
5. You have no influence on the companies/departments direction
6. You have worked hard to progress s and have been patient, yet nothing has been done to indicate progression will be offered.

Moving jobs, or Job Hopping, (within reason) is no longer frowned upon, or has the stigma attached to it the same as it used to. Ambition, motivation, skills, communication and attitude are key. Some of the best professionals in the market move more often than others, for the reason they know what they want, and if they don’t get it, it is time to look elsewhere!
To discuss your SAP career options, please call 0161 214 3849.

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